Fun Scandinavian Facts

Here are some amusing facts about the Scandinavian countries, culture, people, and history...

Husqvarna is a German-owned, Italian-based, Scandinavian-branded motorcycle company

In Sweden IKEA is a cheap store, not a trendy store. (And they are only open until 8pm on special days.)

The world's largest population of arctic reindeer herders can be found in Norway!

The muppet character, "The Swedish Chef" is often thought to be speaking gibberish - actually, it's 100% real Swedish. Ok, I made that one up.

Finland holds world champion competitions for wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, mosquito catching, swamp soccer, sauna, boot throwing and air guitar to name a few.

In Sweden, ice cream comes in blueberry and rhubarb flavors, and is never florescent. (Although the licorice ice cream can be coal black.)

The inventors of LEGO® toys got started in Billund, Denmark in 1932 manufacturing not LEGO® blocks but stepladders! Billund is now the home of Legoland Theme Park.

In Denmark, a flag is flown outside when it's someone's birthday. If you're not married when you turn 30, you will get a pepper shaker as a gift and men are called a Pepperman (in Danish: "pebersvend") while females will be a Peppermaid ("pebermø").

Icelanders have unique superstitions such as: “If the first calf born during the winter is white, the winter will be a bad one” and “If you sneeze three times before breaking fast on a Sunday, you will gain something in that week.”

Danes (people from Denmark) eat more pasta than any other people.

Vikings did not have helmets with horns (as shown in the comic strip "Hägar the Horrible"). In fact, it is not clear if Vikings wore helmets at all.

Many Icelanders believe in elves. Certain roads have been re-routed to avoid disturbing areas where elves are thought to live.

The amount you get fined for speeding on the roads in Finland depends on the amount you earn; A man with an annual income of 7€ million was charged 116,000€.